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Remuneration Committee

Member of the Remuneration Committee




Huang, Xiao-Xin


Lin, Hung-Tuan


Wu, Chuan-Chuan


Chang, Tien-Chin

Introduction to the operation of the Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee aims to improve the remuneration system for directors and managers of the company. The powers and responsibilities of the Company's Remuneration Committee includes:

  • Formulate and review the Company’s performance evaluation standards, annual and long-term performance targets, as well as policy, system, standards, and structure of remuneration regularly for directors and managers.
  • Evaluate the achievement of the performance targets of the Company’s directors and managers regularly, and determine the content and amount of their individual remuneration based on the evaluation results on the basis of the performance evaluation standards.
  • Review the Company's remuneration committee policy and regulations and propose amendments recommendation regularly.

The Remuneration Committee of the company is composed of all independent directors. Within the scope of their powers, they may request relevant department managers, internal auditors, CPA, legal advisers or other personnel to attend their meeting and provide relevant and necessary information.