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Audit committee

Member of the Audit Committee




Wu, Chuan-Chuan


Lin, Hung-Tuan


Chang, Tien-Chin


Huang, Xiao-Xin

Introduction to the operation of the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee aims to establish the supervisory responsibilities of the board of directors and strengthen the management mechanism of the board of directors. Its main purpose is to supervise the following matters:

  • Appropriate expression of the company's financial statements
  • Hiring or dismissal of an attesting CPA, evaluation of its independency and performance
  • Effective implementation of the company's internal control
  • Legal compliance
  • Control of existing or potential risks of the company

The Audit Committee of the company is composed of all independent directors. Within the scope of their powers, they may request relevant department managers, internal auditors, CPA, legal advisers or other personnel to attend their meeting and provide relevant and necessary information.