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Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Taiwan Steel Union (TSU) is a company that recycle and reuses waste from steelmaking electric-arc furnaces steel mills in Taiwan. To fulfill corporate responsibility for social welfare, TSU will maintain consistent philosophy for effective planning of resource. Potential hazards, risks and environmental impacts from our manufacturing, product, and service activities are effectively controlled by using our environmental health and safety management system and achieving sustainable business goal for our company. We commit ourselves to fulfill the following:

  1. Adherence to the government’s laws, regulations and other requirements in environmental health and safety.
  2. Continuing operations in accordance with green, environmental protection and safety policies.
  3. Implementation of environmental health and safety education to enhance employees’ awareness in environmental health and safety.
  4. Hazard and pollution prevention to establish a quality working environment.
  5. Continuing improvement to enhance management performance in environmental health and safety.
  6. Industrial waste reduction to lower pollutant emissions and maintaining friendly environment.
  7. Adherence to environmental health and safety issues to achieve sustainable operation.
  8. Provide safe and healthy working environment to prevent injuries and diseases.
  9. Encourage worker consultations and involvements to enhance environmental health and safety performance.


Mark Lin / Chairman